• A. S. Neill's green cloud (1938)
  • Jaques Rancière's ignorant teacher (1987)
  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's unlearning (1996)
  • Nora Sternfeld's pedagogical disproportion (2009)
  • Tobias Künkler's relational learning (2011)
  • Carmen Mörsch's critical art education (2013)

What's making me happy:

"What is performance? I discovered so much more than the mere definition of this art. I've partially rediscovered myself and recognized facets that probably would have otherwise remained hidden from me."

"It was very nice to experience aesthetic education firsthand instead of only having it presented theoretically like in a lecture."

"In this seminar I perceived "learning" as a process determined by myself. This experience is very different from learning experiences in school."

"From other group work in other seminars, this one has differed in many ways: first, everyone was motivated based on an enjoyment of this form of work and a curiosity for a common result. Then the nature of the work was not exclusively intellectual, but intuitive, emotional and physical. At the same time, it was always clear that right and wrong as categories would not be relevant in this work, and that the process of creation was as important as the performance presented."

(Student comments on my performance seminars)


"I found the project very interesting because I've never done anything like it before and I got to know art in a different way."

"I think the project is really good and I hope you can do it at other schools, too!"

"I thought it was great that we could make up stories ourselves."

"We could also go to another city sometime to write about places there, too."

(comments from children on the project 'Through Münster by child's hand')