Every day I take this small hose...

No is not enough

How I miss to miss someone



By the way, I have this garden
come in and we could
close the tulips in midday's heat
open them again at night to catch the dew
we could hunt some frogs 
just to watch them move
their smooth and tiny ballet dancers' legs
back in the lake
with the wild turtles we could play
and loose our sense of time
they forgave you everything they said
I know it's true


Every day I take this small hose...
Every day I take this small hose
fill it with salty water
letting it find its way up through my nose
through this hidden hole, the choanae
that I'll never see nor touch
I wish I could
drain my brain this way
let all odd suits and faces
abandoned places rush out
in one long gush
and be - unlike that
enormous room again cummings wrote about -
empty and ready to take in
new galaxies
a crash of cars
my son's laughter
a flying tree


No is not enough
starving kids and diet-coke
wasteland, war and welfare
power in the hands of few
millions without future
money ruling head and hand
no end to pollution
lack of spirit for the grand
far from revolution
monster cities, barren trees
structures fall apart
market law breaks human rights
governments take part
media holds action down
news are just frustrating
on evr’y forehead a big frown
signs of hesitating
movie stars play governors
pretending is the trick
the system needs your cash to breathe
waste money till you’re sick!
How do you want to work?
How do you want to learn?
What do you want to share?
And what do you need to feel free?
What do you need to feel happy?
Is happiness the wrong concept?
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Where do you plan to die? And how?
Why do you still move on?
What makes you believe?
Is god the wrong concept?
Who do you want to love? And how many?
Is romance the wrong concept?
How do we want to live?
And how do we get there?
No is not enough for a living


How I miss to miss someone
it’s one of those bright city nights
helicopters softly cutting into orange clouds
the backstreets filled with silent fights
rain keeps falling and I keep on walking alone
how I miss to miss someone
send me your faraway tune
but your lips stay sealed
and your eyes have their silence
I’m bleeding but not loosing blood
I’m still visible but I can’t find myself in the mirror
people keep bumping into me on the street
but they don’t turn around to say sorry
how I miss to miss someone
I wear boots and pants and hats
but I don’t feel these garments’ weight anymore
I’m travelling light
you may find pieces of my mind
scattered in the gutter
I don’t care to pick them up anymore
I keep dropping bits of myself
here and there like seeds
drowning in the big flood
they might grow in a season you don’t know
Clockworkgod: How I miss to miss someone